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Management team

The principals of GPD have been involved in the retail energy industry since 2005. Having managed over $1.7 billion in credit strategies and transactions and with over 20+ years in the private credit and investment transaction space, the principals have funded and managed over $600 million in direct loan transactions. They have also financed over $500 million in energy sales and currently have over $250 million in energy efficiency finance deals across North America. 

                    Richard Rudy          EZRA DOUECK         
           Principal                Principal


The largest wholesalers in North America

Energy Aggregators

Energy Forecasting and Scheduling providers

Dozens of Retail Energy Providers, Brokers and Consultants 

Energy commissions, associations, and utilities

Technology providers

Energy Attorneys




• Founded and run the largest Retail Energy Conference in North America
• Specific Retail Energy experience having owned and operated a Retail Energy Provider
• Financed multiple REPs since 2006  
• 20 years of finance and due diligence experience ($1.3 billion in credit strategies)
• Legal and compliance expertise
• Corporate management, operations management, and marketing expertise  
• Risk management expertise


• Management team financed more than $500 million in retail energy sales
• Helped grow REPs from zero to over $200 million in sales
• Tens of millions of dollars in energy factoring
• Structuring supply deals and Providing Consulting to Retail Energy Providers
• Financing $100 million in energy sales annually
• Actively working with about 20 REPs
• Principals have long experience working with the nation’s largest institutions
• Reporting experience on over one thousand accounts


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