Experience you can rely on. 


Management team

The principals of GPD have been involved in the retail energy industry since 2005. Having managed over $1.7 billion in credit strategies and transactions and with over 20+ years in the private credit and investment transaction space, the principals have funded and managed over $600 million in direct loan transactions. They have also financed over $500 million in energy sales and currently have over $250 million in signed energy efficiency finance deals across North America. 

Richard Rudy          EZRA DOUECK
PRinCIpaL                Principal


The largest wholesalers in North America

Energy Aggregators

Energy Forecasting & Scheduling providers

Dozens of Retail Energy Providers, Brokers and Consultants 

Energy commissions, associations, utilities

Technology providers

Energy Attorneys



• Founded and run the largest Retail Energy Conference in North America
• Specific Retail Energy experience having owned and operated a REP
• Financed multiple REPs since 2006  
• 20 years of finance and due diligence experience ($1.3 billion in credit strategies)
• Legal and compliance expertise
• Corporate management, operations management, and marketing expertise  
• Risk management expertise


• Management team financed more than $500 million in retail energy sales
• Helped grow REPs to over $200 million in sales
• Tens of millions of dollars in energy factoring
• Structuring supply deals and Providing Consulting to Retail Energy Providers
• Financing $100 million in energy sales annually
• Actively working with about 20 REPs
• Principals have long experience working with the nation’s largest institutions
• Reporting experience on a thousand accounts